Big announcements and changes in my life and for the blog/podcast.


It has been a while since I last posted a blog. A lot of things have happened in the mean time.. both good and bad.

The Good: 

A few weeks ago I spoke for the Fundamental Rights Association in Vienna and will be traveling to Vienna again in just a few weeks time to speak at the Hofburg for the International Conference on Domestic Violence in Vienna. Very exciting to be back so soon. This time I just have to find time to visit the Sissi museum :D.

A lot of things happened in my personal life as well. We are thrilled to announce that I’m 22 weeks pregnant. Which is something I would like to write another blog about. It feels like a miracle and it is a dream come true for both Marcos and I, something we wished for. What makes it even better is that the kids and our moms and dad are very happy and excited.

The not so good: 

We are currently busy with an enormous renovation of our house, and sadly there are several loved ones that are experiencing a very difficult time, something that takes a lot of our time and energy. Next to that we have 4 teenagers and the normal day-to-day activities ofcourse.

There are several other reasons too and although blogging and podcasting is extremely important to me, I decided to take a break and to redirect my energy to the things that need my attention the most at this moment. I have to accept that I am not a superwoman and can’t take on all the responsibilities at once ánd take care of the blog like I want to do.

It feels like a very hard, painful and difficult decision and something I dreaded for a long time. Especially because I miss podcasting and blogging so much. But something I have to accept at this moment and because it is so hard I know and have the confidence that I will be back with another blogpost in the future. I will take this time to reflect on the direction of the podcast and blog and how to make it even better in the future. Thank you for all the nice comments and for all the downloaded podcast episodes. We reached several milestones and I didn’t even have the time to properly celebrate it with you all.

I will continue with speaking at events which is where my passion and strength is and will return to this blog in some time. I hope you will be here. In the mean time you can visit the blogs of friends of mine:

Mickie Zada:

Lisa Cybaniak:

Love, Alianne


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