Regarding the investigation of UN advisor Ravi Karkara for sexual misconduct

ravi karkara
Update 09/08/2018
A while ago I was warned by Mandy Sanghera (my mentor and first guest on the PAVE podcast) that Ravi Karkara was under investigation for sexual misconduct.
Ravi was also one of the first guests of the PAVE podcast and senior advisor for UN women. Although I knew about this dreadful news for a while I am still shocked and at first didn’t know what to do about this particular episode with Ravi. Should I delete it, should I take it down, I really had no idea. And to be honest I am still not quite sure what to do with it right now.
Until I am sure about what to do I decided to keep this episode. Not only because the investigation of the UN is still going on but also because it shows that (sexual) abuse, manipulation and misuse of power can happen everywhere. That what someone is pretending to be can very differ from the reality. It can happen in every organisation, in every position, regardless of gender and even an institution like the UN is not immune to it.
What is important now is what the UN will do with their investigation, what the outcome is of this and the other accusations in former and present complaints of other people.
My wish is that the UN will take a stand and will serve as a rolemodel for institutions like courts, police stations and so on. Because victims have been silenced for to long.
Thank you Mandy and Kerry for supporting victims!
#silencedtoolong. #metoo
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