Hello, I am Alianne. I am an international speaker talking about the empowerment of women and improving the family court system for survivors of partner abuse and child abuse. I always aim to gain more knowledge so I can share it with others. But the more I learn, the more I realise that there are so many other professionals working with the same purpose but in other fields. That’s why I love speaking at seminars, so I can interact with those other professionals and learn from them. But seminars only last a few days and it is impossible to talk to everybody. That’s why I created the PAVE podcast. Through podcasting, we can learn from a lot of different professionals in our own time.


The PAVE Podcast is a new kind of broadcast, which started in 2017, where you can learn what other professionals do to empower women and to stop the violence against women and children. You can learn from other professionals, with all kinds of expertises, perhaps finding professionals with whom to collaborate.

We call upon the international experts in our field to share their expertise, findings, struggles, visions and solutions with you so we can use them and help you in our mutual goal to end violence.


If you’d like to be a contributor for PAVE Articles, let us know what kind of article you would like to share with our audience that will inform them or inspire them in our mutual goal to end violence and to empower women.

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